Linux Mint 20’s first beta appears on mirrors

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The first public beta of the Linux distribution Mint 20 has been released. The OS has better multi-monitor support and runs on the Linux 5.4 kernel, but can snapdnot install packages by default.

Linux Mint 20 is the first OS based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The beta is not yet available on the official website , but Mint 20 has already appeared on various mirrors . The new beta is based on the Linux 5.4 kernel. It has better hardware support, so Mint 20 has to deal better with multi-monitor configurations.

On Mint 20, the Warpinator tool is installed by default for exploring local area networks. The Chromium browser has just been released from the release.

Mint 20 is also the first version of the distro to allow non-standard snap installation. Snap would normally be installed via the Chromium package. Mint developers announced the decision to remove Snap earlier this month. Users can still install Snap manually.

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