LinkedIn will stop ‘stories’ function at the end of September

LinkedIn will stop using Stories from September 30. This video feature, like Snapchat invented and copied Instagram, Facebook and later Twitter, will evolve into a different form, according to the company.

In a post , a LinkedIn executive writes that findings have shown that users want something different than the current Stories feature. According to the company, users do not want the videos on their profiles to disappear. LinkedIn says that while developing Stories, it assumed that users wanted casual videos and that that would reduce barriers for people to post the “volatile” videos.

The company also says it has learned that users want more creative tools to make more interesting videos. The Stories, which will be disappearing later this month, give the option to use stickers and a question of the day, but LinkedIn writes that users want more options to brighten up such videos in a professional context.

Instead of the current Stories, which are about videos that disappear within 24 hours, there will be another video experience where it will be more about the conversation. LinkedIn does not say much about this new form and does not announce when it will be available.

The company started testing Stories in February last year and the feature officially came out in September of that year. The position is therefore killed after about a year. As of September 30, the videos will no longer be uploaded and users will no longer be able to view them.

The website SocialMediaToday writes that it is no surprise that Stories has not been a success. The site writes that most experiments with the feature have had limited reach, and LinkedIn is also said to have tried increasingly “desperately” to play the feature in the spotlight in recent months. Twitter previously stopped a similar feature, called Fleets. However, the features are still quite popular on Instagram and Snapchat.