Apple Watch Series 7 is not getting this feature yet

While the Apple Watch Series 7 gets quite a few improvements, it will lack a useful new health feature: a blood pressure monitor.

No blood pressure monitor

Tech website Nikkei Asia reported yesterday that the Apple Watch Series 7 may be delayed due to manufacturing issues. The assembly process was not supposed to run smoothly, causing production to be temporarily halted.

Nikkei’s report also stated that the new model would include a blood pressure monitor, a health feature missing from current Apple Watch models. The addition of the extra parts required for this would be partly responsible for making the assembly process more difficult.

Now responds the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman on this rumor: “no chance”. According to Gurman, we should therefore not hope for a blood pressure monitor on the Apple Watch. At least not in 2021.

New sensors coming soon

Although the Apple Watch Series 7 does not yet get a blood pressure monitor, the addition of the necessary sensor is on the way.

Apple is the largest customer of Rockley Photonics, a British company that develops optical sensors for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood alcohol content. This technology will undoubtedly come to the Apple Watch, but not yet this year.

This is what the Apple Watch Series 7 does get

We’ve become quite accustomed to the rounded design of the Apple Watch by now. This has remained largely unchanged since the first model from 2015, except for the screen. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 gets a completely new design, with flattened edges and a larger screen. A new color is also expected: green.

Internally, we expect a faster and smaller S7 chip, which makes room for a larger battery.

Despite the reported delays, we hope to hear more at Apple’s September event.