EVGA gaming mice with polling rate up to 8000Hz are for sale from 65 euros

EVGA is releasing three gaming mice: the X Series X15, X17 and X20. The mice have a polling rate of up to 8000Hz, a response time of 0.125ms and are equipped with three sensors and a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core.

EVGA explains in a product announcement that the X17 and its wireless brother, the X20, feature a Pixart 3345 optical sensor, complemented by two LOD sensors that measure height from the ground. These are accurate up to a maximum of 3mm from the surface. The X15 only features a Pixart 3389. The mice were announced in February and are available now.

The three mice have an adjustable resolution of up to 16000dpi, The X15 and X17 have a polling rate of up to 8000Hz and a response time of 0.125ms. This makes them comparable to the Razer Viper 8KHz announced in January . The mice are also similar in price, although EVGA offers a discount of about 40 euros for Elite Members.

The wireless X20 has a polling rate of 1000Hz and is equipped with a 900mAh battery that, according to EVGA, allows use of up to 60 hours without RGB or 24 hours with RGB. The X20 connects via 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth or with an included USB cable.

The three mice are very similar, although there are subtle differences. In addition to having fewer sensors, the X15 has more buttons and a different main switch from LK Optical. It is also slightly smaller than the other two. EVGA does not mention the weight of the mouse.

The X17 and X20 are slightly larger, but have fewer buttons and an Omron main switch. The three mice are all equipped with RGB and have adjustable profiles for setting the resolution. The RGB lighting and DPI can be set via the supplied software.

The X17 comes with a number of weights, so that up to 25 grams of weight can be added to the mouse. EVGA tries to focus on fps gamers with that mouse. The X15 calls it the mmo mouse because of all the extra buttons on the side. These are all programmable.

X15 (wired) X17 (wired) X20 (wireless)
Optical sensor Pixart 3389 Pixart 3345 Pixart 3345
additional sensor Lift-off Distance Detection (LOD) Lift-off Distance Detection (LOD)
Maximum dpi 16,000 16,000 16,000
Polling rate 8000Hz 8000Hz 1000Hz
Tracking Speed 400ips 400ips 400ips
Acceleration 50g 50g 40g
main switch LK Optical 70 million clicks Omron 50 million clicks Omron 60 million clicks
Number of buttons 20 10 10
Profiles 5 5 5
Dimensions 42.7mm x 123.5mm x 71.7mm 44.52mm x 122.71mm x 70.27mm 44.52mm x 122.71mm x 70.27mm
Weight ? 103-128g 123g
Price 88.32 euros 78.64 euros 128.25 euros

In addition to mice, EVGA has announced a capture card for gamers who want to capture their gameplay footage: the EVGA XR1 lite. This card makes it possible to record up to 1080p60 when playing at 4k60. The card also has the option of connecting a dslr camera as a webcam via USB 3.0. The card records the images in RAW format.