LinkedIn profile reveals new Far Cry game

Xavier Plagnal, who works at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio, announced in his LinkedIn profile that he is the content director of a new Far Cry game. Plagnal has since updated his profile and the reference to the new Far Cry game has been removed.

After various media reported the mention of the new Far Cry game in Xavier Plagnal’s LinkedIn profile, the Ubisoft Shanghai employee has changed his profile. He had mentioned that he is “content director on the next Far Cry” from September 2013 to the present. The reference to the game has since disappeared. Plagnal now reports that he has been a studio design manager since March 2013, meaning that he heads the level designers at the Chinese studio.

It’s not the first clue to a new Far Cry game. In October, composer Cliff Martinez revealed that he is working on music for a game called Far Cry 4. Plagnal and Martinez’s indiscretion echoes a comment from Tony Key, Ubisoft’s senior vice president of marketing and sales. He stated in July that there will be a new part in the series. “We are absolutely thrilled with the success of Far Cry 3. It’s a great brand and it’s now getting the recognition it deserves, so we’re definitely going to make another one.” However, Key did not let go of which studio will make the new Far Cry game.

Previous installments of the series have been delivered by various studios. The first part was made by the German Crytek. However, the independent studio sold the rights to the series to Ubisoft, who had Far Cry 2 and 3 made by its own studio in Montreal, Canada. It is not known whether that studio is also involved in the development of the new Far Cry game.