LIFX Announces Switch for Four Smart Bulbs and Strips for TVs and Monitors

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Australian company LIFX has announced a series of new products in its smart lighting range, including the Switch, the Z TV 360 Lightstrip for TVs and the Z Gamer Kit for monitors.

The LIFX Switch is a panel to control four lamps. This can be both smart LIFX lamps and regular lamps without an internet connection, if the wiring is connected for this. No additional hub is required for the connection with smart lighting. The switch can only turn lamps on and off and not dim them, for which the app remains required. The console will cost $120 and will be available in the spring. LIFX reports to CNet that it is working on a single lamp switch.

The Z TV 360 Lightstrip Kit is made to stick to the back of a television to provide backlighting to the device. However, the lighting does not adapt to the images, as with Ambilight. The product should above all make it easier to stick LED strips behind a TV, due to the dimensions of the strips and connections for 90-degree angles. The kit will be released in the spring for $100. A smaller variant for monitors then comes under the name Z Gamer Kit for 60 dollars.

LIFX is also announcing two more traditional smart bulbs: the ST64 Teardrop Filament White LED and the Candle White to Warm LED. These will also be released in the spring for $30. The ST64 Teardrop is a retro-designed lamp that can display light at a color temperature of 2700K. The Candle White is a variant of the small Candle Color candle lamp announced last year, but without the option to set different colors.

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