LG will test self-driving shopping carts in South Korean supermarkets

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LG has entered into an agreement with E-mart, the largest supermarket chain in South Korea. The manufacturer will produce self-propelled shopping carts for the chain. The robots are released under the CLOi brand, including multiple automatic devices have appeared.

According to Yonhap News Agency the robots can recognize obstacles and other shoppers. When the cart is used, the shop visitor does not have to push the thing forward. They can also send a shopping list to the shopping cart via a special app, so that the list can then be viewed on a display. The cart automatically drives to the messages on the list and scans it.

Under the CLOi brand, eight robots have so far been released that are used, among other things, for cleaning and mowing. LG says it wants to talk to even more parties who might be interested in their robots, such as bakeries and airports.

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