LG Display shows 12″ screen that can be stretched to 14″

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LG Display has shown a screen with a diagonal of 12 inches, but that screen is stretchable and can thus be stretched to a 14″ screen. This screen is the result of an R&D project and will not directly lead to a product that the sale goes.

The stretchable display LG Display says it’s the first of its kind with 20 percent stretch, which is combined with 100ppi resolution and a full RGB color space. According to the manufacturer, there is a rubber-like flexibility that allows the magnification up to 14 inches. According to LG Display, the screen goes beyond the current, existing bendable and rollable screen technologies due to the ‘shapeless’ property.

The stretchable display is based on a very strong substrate that consists of a specific kind of silicon that would also be used in contact lenses. It uses a micro LED light source with a pixel pitch of less than 40μm. According to the manufacturer, this means a high degree of durability to improve longevity and a good resolution that remains intact during bends. Internally, the circuits have also been modified; instead of linear wiring, s-shapes have been chosen to withstand bending and folding.

According to the manufacturer, the high flexibility and durability mean that the screen has a lot of potential for commercialization, also because it is thin and light. LG Display envisions that the screen can be easily attached to curved surfaces and believes it can be used in a variety of sectors, from fashion and furniture to aircraft construction, automotive and gaming.

The stretchable display is the result of a Korean research project started in 2020. The goal was to ‘propel’ the next generation of displays for South Korea. It therefore seems unlikely that the screen or a further developed variant will become commercially available in the short or medium term.

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