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LG announces flat GX soundbar

LG announces the GX Soundbar. It is a rather flat soundbar that is on the high side in the vertical direction. The manufacturer presents the device as a soundbar that fits well under a GX OLED TV from LG. These are thin OLED TVs that should hang on the wall.

In contrast to regular soundbars, the GX Soundbar from LG is not a thick bar, but rather a relatively high soundbar that is mainly very flat. The device is 144.6 cm long, 15 cm high and the thickness is 3.25 centimeters. The soundbar can be mounted on the wall, but there is also a steel stand built in for users who want to place the soundbar on a piece of furniture.

According to LG, the length of this soundbar fits seamlessly with the 65 “version of the GX OLED TV. This television is available in 55, 65 and 77 inches and it is the thinnest OLED TV ever, with a new design that has been given the name Gallery Design, the idea being that the flat television is mounted on the wall and can, for example, display art when the television function is not used.

The device is a 3.1 soundbar and has support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. LG also supports pass-through of 4K images and Dolby Vision built. Furthermore, bluetooth and e-arc are supported. A separate, wireless subwoofer is included and optionally, the separately available SPK8 speakers can be connected to serve as rear channels.

The GX Soundbar will be available in Europe, North America, and Asia this month. LG does not mention a price in the press release, but Engadget, for example, reports that the soundbar will be available from July 20 for $ 1299.

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