Lenovo Introduces Smart Clock Essential with Alexa and Nightlight Expansion

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Lenovo is introducing a variant of its Smart Clock Essential with Amazon Alexa integration. The company previously released a Google Assistant version. The new Essential model has the same design as the Smart Clock 2.

Since the design of the Alexa version of the Smart Clock Essential is the same as that of the more expensive Smart Clock 2, the same accessories can be used. Lenovo already released a Qi charger for wireless charging of smartphones, for example, and is now introducing a dock with color lighting, so that the smart clocks can be used as a night light. There is a choice of two different Ambient Light Docks, each of which has a different shape.

Like previous Smart Clock products from Lenovo, the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa is a smart home speaker with an LCD that displays the time in large numbers. The screen can also show other information such as the weather and there is support for music playback via streaming services.

As the name implies, the Alexa version of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential works with Amazon’s voice assistant of the same name. This means that users can also control other products that work with Alexa via the clock. The Smart Clock has a hardware switch to disable the microphone.

The housing has a fabric finish in the color blue or red. According to Lenovo, the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa will be available in Europe around March or April for 70 euros. The Ambient Light Dock will be released in April for 30 euros.

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