Lego set based on Piranha Plant from Super Mario games costs 65 euros

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Nintendo and LEGO are coming up with a building set based on the Piranha Plant enemy from the Super Mario games. The set is intended for adults, contains 540 parts and is 23 centimeters long. The Lego package should be available on November 6 and costs 65 euros.

It is possible to adjust the head, beak, stem and leaves of the Lego version of the Piranha Plant, let LEGO know. Two coins are also included, which can be put in the tube. By pressing the button on the tube, they fall out from below. LEGO emphasizes that this is a display model and that the set does not contain digital play functions.

This is so far the cheapest Nintendo Lego set aimed at adults. The other sets released in this line are the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario 64 Question Mark Pad, and The Mighty Bowser, all of which cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, a lot of playsets have been released in the LEGO Super Mario series. This allows players to put together a course to complete with the LEGO Super Mario figure, or another variant such as LEGO Luigi.

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