Software update: Blender 3.6.3

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Version 3.6.3 of the cross-platform and open source program Blender has been released. This application is intended for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. More information about the extensive possibilities of Blender can be found here this page are being found. This program includes short open source animated films Elephant’s Dream, Big Buck Bunny, EmberTears of Steel, Cosmos Laundromat and Sprite Fright made. Version 3.6 is another release with a lot of changes, too many to mention here. The following improvements have been made in version 3.6.3:

Changes in Blender version 3.6.3:

  • Regression: File crashes the program. [#111235]
  • Fix (unreported) invalid memory access in new ‘newer blendfile version’ code. [5b6106f71aec]
  • Crash when switching to the Face select mode in 3.6. [#110136]
  • Regression: Files from last 4.0 cannot be saved in 3.6.2 due to undefined region type. [#111332]
  • Fix: ensure bones are on at least one layer on blend file reading. [2fc04eaf4310e64ffbe713376e54df878c9a4279]
  • UV editor: show_gizmo does not switch off gizmos. [#110721]
  • Regression: OBJ Importer fails to import objects. [#110948]
  • Fix (partially) wrong RNA path for ‘ViewShading’ data. [4cf03b28b32]
  • Keyframe jump operator in the Graph Editor does not respect NLA offset. [#110789]
  • rna_prop_ui.rna_idprop_ui_create() fails to create new string property. [#110464]
  • Regression: Area resize cursor does not appear on minimized spreadsheet area. [#110085]
  • GPU: Fix signed/unsigned mismatches in shader code. [#111094]
  • Dropping object name on existing object socket in node editor not working. [#110723]
  • Swap Strips can delete strips if there is not enough space. [#109081]
  • Fix Weld modifier generating invalid mesh. [5b7af751fa5d1619c18fa1899cca885e9b8b79f0]
  • Regression: Blender Crashes On Scene Switch. [#111165]
  • Fatal crash with Freestyle SVG Export when rendering to a directory that does not exist yet. [#104723]
  • Fix #110053: Crash on linked animation data with drivers. [#110795]
  • Crash when changing asset icon. [#106976]
  • Vector displacement suspected to cause geometry artifact and CUDA error. [#111277]
  • UI: Error Logging for Some Screen Operations. [dd7f9749366]
  • Modifier’s Main Dropdown goes backwards. [#111238]
  • Unable to remove added keying set from context menu. [#94129]
  • Shortcut information missing in animation editors channel context menu. [#109427]
  • Crash accessing text style properties in object mode. [#110508]
  • Linked overriding object cannot be made local (if it has a parent in the source file). [#111439]
  • Fix: Memory leak in Graph editor keyframe jump. [eb77eaa7d87]
  • VSE: appended modifier stack incorrectly deletes additional modifier. [#111601]
  • Fix: missing update when library override editable is toggled. [8dd151debcb]
  • Fix dangling pointer while scrubbing in the sequencer. [c3689c4235c840da78cfe8d815abe97b94679bb6]
  • Fix #111607: Do not unregister internal nodes. [#111615]
  • Sculpting problem Radius number during push the Shift + click force back to 1px. [#111490]
  • Control point Snap does not work for NURBS Surface. [#111548]
  • Measure tool snapping does not work. [#109454]
  • GeoNodes behavior differences between 3.6.3 RC, 4.0 master, and 1 month ago. [#111933]
  • Regression: Edit mode weights panel shows incorrect values. [#111273]
  • Regression: Crash on COW deletion of shared custom data. [#109583]
  • Fix: Custom data merging does not check layer limit on destination. [2a7d6d182c4]
  • Odd blender VSE crashes – Graph editor / Proxy sizes. [#111642]
  • Regression: Pressing Enter on the file name text will not confirm file selection. [#111645]
  • Overlay drawing issues on Intel HD4400/4600 (Only?). [#111162]
  • Regression: Crash on dragging a Speaker NLA strip. [#110161]
  • Regression: Adding nodes into node network causes strange placement and jump of node. [#111593]
  • Consistently mapping boundaries of brush textures. [#109201]
  • Fix error batch renaming light probes. [b8ab67827db]
  • Cycles: oneAPI: on Windows, embree on GPU may crash when rendering duration exceeds 3 minutes. [#109282]
  • Regression: Crash with assertion after delete scene when some 3D Views have Local Collection enabled. [#111970]
  • Compilation of fails with “invalid conversion” error. [#111820]
  • Vertex parenting broken on Curve object with multiple splines. [#112208]
  • Fix: Regression: Box select not working for GP/GPv3 channels. [9fc217cedfe]
  • Regression: Holding Ctrl + Alt + Scroll does not increment values ​​of all selected objects. [#112028]
  • Regression: Graph Editor handle highlighting not working correctly. [#112144]
  • Sculpt Mode: Mask brush smoothing is broken. [#112285]
  • Regression: Split Edges node skips loose edges. [#109236]
  • Regression: Geometry Nodes Points of Curve is Outputting Unknown Result. [#112184]
  • Regression: Crash when loading with converted curves. [#112068]
  • The color attribute from Particle Instance Modifier is incorrect. [#112335]
  • Regression: Blender crashes when turning on a pass that has equally named AOV pass already. [#111166]
  • Regression: Crash when selecting an object with an orphaned geo node link. [#111411]
  • NLA Editor: “Hold Forward” for “Edited Action” track doesn’t work. [#100718]
  • Operator (eg `bpy.ops.object.data_transfer()`) crashes when using `context.copy()` via addon. [#112299]
  • Cycles: support building with Windows ROCm 5.5 SDK. [2e1ab36]
  • Only some vertex weights can be modified via the UI panel. [#112123]
  • Sim Nodes: Don’t delete parent bake directory. [eba0d481bb5]
  • Regression: Menu Search crash if mouse is outside of the blender window. [#111212]

Version number 3.6.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Blender
License type GPL
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