Legacy G Suite users can sign up for free Google Workspace

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Google will soon have a waiting list for users of the free legacy version of G Suite. Users who join this list before June 1st will be eligible for the free Google Workspace option when it becomes available.

google reports on a support page that a waiting list message for the free version of Google Workspace will appear in the Google Admin console in the coming weeks. “To use the free option, you must put your name on the waitlist in the Google Admin console before June 1, 2022 so that your account is not automatically upgraded to a paid Google Workspace. Customers who are on the waitlist will continue to have the old free version of G Suite until the free option is available,” Google wrote.

With the free option of Workspace offered by the company, users can continue to use Google Drive and Google Meet. Administrators will then no longer have access to certain features, such as a Gmail address with its own domain and the ability to manage different users. When the free option of Workspace becomes available, Google will send more information about what will happen to the administrator account. The administrator has 60 days to try the free option or opt for the paid Google Workspace.

If the administrator doesn’t sign up for the waitlist and waits until June 1, Google will automatically upgrade the free G Suite package to a paid Workspace subscription. Billing begins on August 1, provided the administrator has provided payment information and completed the upgrade. If not, the paid Google Workspace subscription will be suspended until billing is set up. Administrators who have already switched to a paid version of Workspace, but still want to register for the free version, can contact customer service to be added to the waiting list.

Google announced in January that it was discontinuing the free legacy version of G Suite. New users have been unable to use this specific package of Google services since 2012, but users who were still on it were not yet paying. The free legacy version of G Suite will end on June 1.

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