Intel: Laptops with Arc GPUs will appear in multiple regions in the coming weeks

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Intel says that in the coming weeks, manufacturers in multiple regions will have laptops available with Arc Alchemist graphics cards. Earlier, the company said these laptops would not be available until the end of the current second quarter.

Intel announces on Twitter that the previous information about availability at the end of this current quarter is incorrect. The company said there was confusion. Intel now reports that Samsung already offers systems with Arc GPUs in South Korea and that those products will also be released in other regions. In addition, Intel says that other manufacturers will also offer such systems in the coming weeks.

So far, it has not been easy to get a laptop with an Arc GPU. Including the website video cardz reports that the A350M and A370M laptops are nowhere to be found and that after a question to readers of the site, it appears that no one has been able to make a purchase yet. The website Tweaktown reports that their order for the Acer Swift X laptop with Arc GPU has been delayed: the delivery date has been changed from May 25 to June 13.

Over a week ago, Intel released its first Arc Alchemist video cards. These are lower-positioned Arc 3 GPUs for laptops, namely the Arc A330M and Arc A370M. The Arc 5 and Arc 7 models and Arc graphics cards for desktops should also be released in the summer. These models are positioned higher and will have better performance.

Intel Arc video cards for laptops
Series Arc 3 Arc 5 Arc 7
Fashion model A350M A370M A550M A730M A770M
Xe cores 6 8 16 24 32
Ray tracing cores 6 8 16 24 32
Clock speed 1150MHz 1550MHz 900MHz 1100MHz 1650MHz
Memory (GDDR6) 4GB (64bit) 4GB (64bit) 8GB (128bit) 12GB (192bit) 16GB (256-bit)
‘Graphics Power’ 25-35W 35-50W 60-80W 80-120W 120-150W
Release March 30, 2022 Early summer 2022

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