KLM now displays your own Milestones in the mobile app

KLM has added the “Milestones” in the latest version of the mobile app, version 9.6. This allows everyone to see in their profile how often, how long and to which destinations they have flown with KLM . You can also share this personal flight history with family and friends via the various social media. In addition to ‘Milestones’, the new app offers more improvements for passengers, including a more comprehensive flight status update.


With ‘Milestones’, all passengers who use the KLM app can view a number of facts and facts about their personal flight history at KLM. For example, it can be seen how long and how often there has flown, which destinations have been visited, how many kilometers have been traveled and how many kilos of luggage have already been taken. Users of the app can then easily share this travel information with family and friends.

KLM responds to the increasing need of people to quantify personal matters and to share that data on social media.

KLM app

The new applications are being added to the existing functionality of the KLM app, such as booking a flight, checking in online, downloading boarding pass, reserving seats or paying for luggage.

Flight status update

In the new 9.6 version of the mobile app, the flight status updates have also been updated. The flight number, destination and airport provide up-to-date flight information, such as the current departure and arrival times. Should the flight from Schiphol be considerably delayed, the user can activate a digital snack or meal voucher himself. The app also offers the possibility to book your flight yourself.

United States?

Passengers traveling to the United States and eligible for a TSA pre-check can now enter their ‘Known Traveler Number’, making them faster with the KLM app the US can pass.

100,000 daily active users

The KLM app has already been downloaded millions of times and has more than 100,000 active users per day. No less than 70% of the app users are permanently logged in and even use the KLM app several times a month.