iPhone 13 colors: what does Apple surprise us with this year?

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The new iPhone 13 will be released soon – it should be in September. There are already a lot of rumors about the technical specifications, but what will the iPhone 13 colors be?

iPhone 13 colors

It is certain that the new iPhone will again be available in a wide range of colors. The iPhone 12 (mini) is available in black, white, blue, green, red and purple – the latter color was added to the range this spring. The iPhone 12 Pro (Max) is available in graphite, silver, gold and ocean blue. Some of these colors will reappear. Think of the classics such as black, white, red and silver. But what’s new?

Matt black

The color that has been rumored for the longest time is a matte black iPhone. This chic color may be exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and would replace the graphite color of the iPhone 12 Pro. To prevent stains on the stainless steel edge of this iPhone, the matte black iPhone 13 would get a special coating. The back of the Pro models is matte anyway, making it less vulnerable to fingerprints.

sunset gold

Another color that comes up regularly is a bronze or orange shade. This will be a warm shade that is sometimes referred to as ‘sunset gold’. This color would also be exclusive to the iPhone 13 (Pro).


Will the iPhone 13 be pink? This color falls a bit into the wishful thinking category. However, the rumors about this keep popping up. On Twitter, the above concept of a bubblegum pink iPhone 13 went viral. The iPhone shown is a Pro model on the triple camera, but such a bright color might suit the regular iPhone 12 better – Pro models usually have more subdued colors.

What’s more obvious is a rose gold iPhone. This pink color has been used more often by Apple in the past, for example for the first iPhone SE and the iPhone 7, but also for the MacBook and Apple Watch.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 (or maybe it’s called the iPhone 12s) should be released this fall. It is the successor to the iPhone 12, which is currently still for sale at stores such as Amac, Belsimpel and Coolblue. This iPhone may get an always-on screen for the first time and the notch – the bite from the screen – will be a lot smaller.

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