Internal Google video shows possible future vision for user data usage

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An internal video of Google search giant that appeared online shows a vision of how the company would like to use user data in new ways. According to Google, the video has nothing to do with services that are there or are in the planning.

In the video, Google presents the users’ shared data as a ‘data log book’. That ledger would have to make its own designs with its own knowledge, which it is expected that the user will find beautiful or fun and produce with, for example, 3D printers.
This data book should also present various goals and if the user has chosen one , show which options the user should choose to achieve that goal. For example, users could opt for ‘healthier eating’, after which Google recommends the healthiest products in a web shop.
The nine-minute video takes a great deal back to biological theories, including the theory that genes use people as carriers to replicate. The bundling of data from users, collected through all kinds of devices, fulfills the role of genes, in which data people use as a carrier and way to spread.
From this theory it follows that Google should strive to use data on other use ways. The video called The Selfish Ledger comes from the head of design by X, a research department of Google, writes The Verge . The video dates from 2016.
Google responds that the video was made to shock. “This is a thought experiment by the design team from years ago that uses a technique called” speculative design. “That is to explore uncomfortable ideas and concepts in order to provoke discussion and debate.” It is not related to current or future products. “

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