Intel releases 6-core processors for coffee-series laptops

Intel has announced its Coffee Lake-H series of processors for powerful laptops and mobile workstations. The introduction marks the arrival of processors with six cores for consumer laptops. Intel also releases new quadcores with Iris Plus GPUs.

The H-series of Coffee Lake processors consists of five models. The most powerful is the Core i9-8950HK, which has an unlockedmultiplier foroverclocking and combines six cores with HyperThreading so that twelve threads can be worked on. The clock speed is standard 2.9 GHz. In addition to the higher clock speed and the unlocked multiplier, this chip has 12MB L3 cache. The integrated gpu is the UHD 630.
The Core i9 supports what Intel calls the Thermal Velocity Boost. This technique makes it possible for single-core load the clock speed up to 200MHz higher than the regular maximum of 4.6GHz can come out if the temperature of the chip remains below 53 degrees Celsius. For multi-site work, the turbo boost can be up to 100MHz if the laptop manufacturer provides sufficient cooling. Incidentally, Intel mentions the maximum of 4.8GHz in its specifications of the Core i9-8950HK, although it depends on the temperature of the chip at maximum load.

Cpu Cores / threads Clock freq ./turbo Cache Tdp
Core i9-8950HK 6/12 2,9 / 4,6GHZ (4,8GHz) 12MB 45W
Core i7-8850H 6/12 2.6 / 4.3 GHz 9MB 45W
Core i7-8750H 6/12 2.2 / 4 , 1 GHz 9MB 45W
Core i5-8400H 4/8 2.5 / 4.1 GHz 8MB 45W
Core i5-8300H 4/8 2,3 / 3,9 GHz 8MB 45W

For mobile workstations, Intel releases the Xeon E-2168M and E-2176M. The former corresponds in terms of specifications to the Core i9-8950HK, but the multiplier is locked in this model. There is support for ecc memory and it is a vPro chip for business applications such as a rpm chip.

Cpu Cores / threads Klokfreq./turbo Cache Tdp
Xeon E-2168M 6/12 2.9 / 4.8GHz 12MB 45W
Xeon E-2176M 6/12 2.6 / 4,3GHz 12MB 45W

Intel adds four more efficient Coffee Lake U processors to its line-up. These processors have the Iris Plus GPUs, or GT3e, with 48 execution units and 128MB edram. This makes these processors more powerful video chips than the four Coffee Lake U chips that Intel has already released, which have the UHD 620 or GT2 with 24 eu’s on board. The tdp of the new U-chips with 28W is a lot higher than that of the Kaby Lake-R variants, which have a tdp of 15W.

Cpu Cores / threads Klokfreq./turbo Cache iGpu Tdp
Core i7-8559U 4/8 2,7 / 4,5GHz 8MB 48 eu’s 28W
Core i5-8269U 4/8 2,6 / 4,2GHz 6MB 48 eu’s 28W
Core i5-8259U 4/8 2,3 / 3,8GHz 6MB 48 eu’s 28W
Core i3-8109U 2 / 4 3 / 3.6GHz 4MB 48 eu’s 28W

The 300 Series chipsets of the mobile Coffee Lake processors have standard support for usb 3.1 gen 2 and wifi ac. The Coffee Lake-H chips and mobile Xeons also support Intel’s Optane memory. All processors are made at Intel’s 14 ++ production process. Intel adds the processors to its 8th generation of processors, which include the Kaby Lake-R and Kaby Lake G chips on laptops and probably also include the 10nm produced Cannon Lake processors.