Amazon stops development of multiplayer game Breakaway

Amazon Game Studios has announced that the breakaway development has stopped. According to the publisher, the development team is now focusing on new ideas. A clear, specific reason for stopping the development of Breakaway has not been announced.

According to Amazon Game Studios since a previous announcement, a lot of work has been done to implement adjustments and improvements based on feedback from the community. the gameplay of Breakaway. The team would have developed a lot of ideas and made a lot of progress, but that did not lead to ‘the breakthrough’ that would bring the game to the level it was hoping for.
The door remains ajar for the further development of Breakaway; Amazon Game Studios reports that a “lightning bolt of inspiration” may result in the resumption of Breakaway’s development.
Breakaway was announced in 2016 and is a game by developer Double Helix. It had to be a competitive multiplayer game, in which the game would be characterized by a combination of elements from Overwatch, Rocket League and an average mobagame. Breakaway would contain some built-in live stream functions. The game revolves around two teams of four players who have to try to get the ball into the goal of the opponents. Each team consists of hero’s of different classes with specific characteristics, which can build structures and guns.
Amazon Game Studios has two other projects: New World and Crucible. The former is a mmo game and the other is a survival game in a scifisetting. These titles are still on the websiteof the studio.


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