Apple will stop using Intel and use its own chips in Macs

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Apple wants to get rid of Intel. By 2020, the company from Cupertino wants to use its own chips in its Mac computers. Not only does this fit into the strategy of Apple’s desired independence it should also ensure that Apple products can work even better together. Macs are the only devices that Apple makes that do not have their own chips.

The A-processors that are already in the iPhones are in principle already powerful enough to run small laptops, but for example to have a Macbook Pro function as you are used, there is still some work needed. According to insiders, that is currently being done, according to Bloomberg . They heard that from anonymous sources who are familiar with Apple’s plans.
The market has reacted strongly: Intel shares dropped almost ten percent, the biggest fall in two years. Well the market always reacts panicky, but in the end we have to wait and see whether this plan will come true. A lot can change in two years and it could also be that Apple eventually remains with Intel.

What’s the advantage?

The latter are of course still working on better chips and if Apple can not deliver at least the same power from its own factory, users will not be happy with the fact that Macs suddenly do not have any compatibility anymore with the PC architecture. Then, for example, Bootcamp would also disappear, because Windows is not running on Apple’s A chips.
This far-reaching integration of MacOS and iOS should be the reason for making the switch, but what the benefits of it are must be apparent. It could well be that if Apple can make the chips for Macs themselves, there are opportunities that are very interesting and that no other generic chipmaker can offer. What that is? We will hear that by 2020.

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