Intel Introduces Three New Bay Trail Processors

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Intel has published the specifications of three new Bay Trail processors. It concerns two Celerons and a Pentium that have to find their way to entry-level laptops and that have higher maximum clock speeds than predecessors.

The three new models are the Celeron N2830, Celeron N2930 and Pentium N3530. With the N2830, the standard clock speed is somewhat higher than its predecessor, the N2820, but the other two models have lower standard clock speeds than their comparable model. However, the maximum clock speeds with all chips are higher. The GPU clock speeds are also different, reports Cpu-world.

The chips are a new stepping that fixes some minor USB connectivity issues and brings the Quick Sync functionality to the Bay Trail chips. Quick Sync enables faster encoding and decoding of video on Intel chips that support it. The three new chips further support ddr3l-1333. Previously this was also the case with the Pentium-Bay Trail, but the Celerons only supported ddr3l-1066.

Model Cores /
ThreadsStandard/ burst
Clock SpeedMemoryTdpPrice
Celeron N2820 2 / 2 2.13 / 2.39GHz 1MB 311 / 756MHz ddr3l-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2830 2 / 2 2.16/ 2.41GHz 1MB 313/750MHz ddr3l-1333 7.5W $107
Celeron N2920 4 / 4 1.86 / 2GHz 2MB 311 / 844MHz ddr3l-1066 7.5W $132
Celeron N2930 4 / 4 1.83 / 2.16GHz 2MB 313 / 854MHz ddr3l-1333 7.5W $107
Pentium N3520 4 / 4 2.17/2.42GHz 2MB 313 / 854MHz ddr3l-1333 7.5W $180
Pentium N3530 4 / 4 2.16 / 2.58GHz 2MB 313 / 896MHz ddr3l-1333 7.5W
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