Intel introduces overclocked SSD

Intel has introduced its latest flagship solid state drive: the 730 series. The SSD is factory overclocked, so performance should be better than that of the more mainstream drives in the range.

The 730 series is also touted with a lifespan similar to that of data center drives. The series comes with Intel’s Skull logo, which adorns the company’s Extreme products. The 7mm thin SSDs are still cast in the classic 2.5″ drives and are available in capacities of 240GB and 480GB. That capacity is provided by mlc-nand memory that comes from Intel’s IMFT factory and is produced at 20nm. however, the internal clock speed of the nand memory has been increased by 20 percent.The Intel-made controller is also overclocked, with the third-generation Intel controller ticking 50 percent faster than stock.

The SSDs are based on SSDs that were developed for data centers and Intel claims that 70GB can be written to the drives daily without the SSDs suffering. The company offers a five-year warranty on its 730 series. Speeds should take full advantage of the SATA 600 interface and be 550MB/s and 470MB/s respectively for sequential read and write, with 270MB/s write speed for the 240GB drive. The drives should mainly be used by users who demand maximum performance. Intel therefore touts them as raid drives. From March 18, the drives must be with distributors.