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Intel Core i7-8086K appears on some webshops

Some online stores have included the Core i7-8086K in their assortment. An Italian store mentioned a price of 480 euros. According to rumors, Intel will announce the processor on June 5, in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the 8086 processor.

According to Videocardz some Chinese stores already mentioned the Core i7-8086K, but have been there in the past days an Italian, Canadian, American and Russian webshop added. The Italian site has now taken the product page offline. The processor bears the type number BX80684I78086K.
The Italian site mentioned a clock speed of 5GHz and a price of 481.27 euro. The Russian site keeps it at 4GHz. The American site of IT supplier Connection does not mention any specifications, but does mention a price of 480.47 dollars. Previous specifications concerned a base clock rate of 4.0GHz, with a boost to 5.1GHz, the presence of six cores, an integrated UHD 630-gpu and a tdp of 95W.
The possibility exists that about placeholders, who put online stores on the basis of rumors. These rumors have been circulating since the beginning of this year and speak of the arrival of an Anniversary Edition hexacore, in honor of the fact that Intel released the original 8086 processor forty years ago. Intel holds a keynote on June 5 in which the processor could be announced.

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