Intel completes 13th Gen Core desktop CPUs with E-cores for locked i5s

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Intel completes its thirteenth generation of Core processors with a total of sixteen new models. Among them are several Core i3 and i5 CPUs, which are much cheaper than the existing i5 13600K, i7 13700K and i9 13900K.

The most striking change compared to the twelfth generation is that the non-overclockable Core i5 processors now also have E-cores. For example, the i5 12400 only had six P-cores, where the new i5 13400 will be equipped with six P-cores and four E-cores. The i5 13500 and 13600 also stand out more than usual, because they get twice as many E-cores as the i5 13400.

Only the Core i3 13100 in the new series still has no E-cores at all. That model has to make do with four P-cores, although they are clocked slightly higher than with the i3 12100. The rest of the additions to the line-up consist of 65W versions of the i7 and i9 CPUs, six special T versions with an extra layer of 35W tdp and various F models where the igpu is switched off.

Notably, the i5 13600 and below officially have a maximum speed of only DDR5-4800 for memory and less L2 cache per core. These are features that remind us of Alder Lake, the twelfth generation, and Intel confirms our suspicion that the manufacturer uses both Raptor and Alder Lake chips for these models. “We used the Alder Lake die to quickly make the new line-up widely available, while we have more capacity with the latest technology (Raptor Lake, ed.) For our top models,” Intel writes in its response. “When we use the Alder Lake die, we validate that the end user gets the exact same specs (such as clock speed and cache) regardless of which one is used.” If you are ‘lucky’ to get a chip with Raptor Lake die, you will not suddenly get the extra cache at your disposal, although it is present in hardware.

The table below lists all new desktop CPUs, excluding the 35W SKUs with the T suffix. Since Intel only gives suggested retail prices in dollars, we have converted the prices using the daily exchange rate and including 21 percent VAT. We have also done the same again for the dollar prices of the existing K models. Since the dollar has lost a lot of value since the introduction of those processors, those prices are a lot more favorable than in our review at release.

Cores cache Clock Speeds (in GHz) GPU Tdp MSRP
Processor P E L2 L3 Base P Turbo P Base E Turbo E Fashion model Base Turbo in Jan. ’23
i9-13900K 8 16 32MB 36MB 3.0 5.8 2.2 4.3 UHD 770 125W 253W €676
i9-13900KF 8 16 32MB 36MB 3.0 5.8 2.2 4.3 No 125W 253W €647
i9-13900 8 16 32MB 36MB 2.0 5.6 1.5 4.2 UHD 770 65W 219W €630
i9-13900F 8 16 32MB 36MB 2.0 5.6 1.5 4.2 No 65W 219W €601
i7-13700K 8 8 24MB 30MB 3.4 5.4 2.5 4.2 UHD 770 125W 253W €469
i7-13700KF 8 8 24MB 30MB 3.4 5.4 2.5 4.2 No 125W 253W €440
i7-13700 8 8 24MB 30MB 2.1 5.2 1.5 4.1 UHD 770 65W 219W €440
i7-13700F 8 8 24MB 30MB 2.1 5.2 1.5 4.1 No 65W 219W €413
i5-13600K 6 8 20MB 24MB 3.5 5.1 2.6 3.9 UHD 770 125W 181W €367
i5-13600KF 6 8 20MB 24MB 3.5 5.1 2.6 3.9 No 125W 181W €338
i5-13600 6 8 11.5MB 24MB 2.7 5.0 2.0 3.7 UHD 770 65W 154W €293
i5-13500 6 8 11.5MB 24MB 2.5 4.8 1.8 3.5 UHD 770 65W 154W €266
i5-13400 6 4 9.5MB 20MB 2.5 4.6 1.8 3.3 UHD 730 65W 148W €254
i5-13400F 6 4 9.5MB 20MB 2.5 4.6 1.8 3.3 na 65W 148W €225
i3-13100 4 0 5MB 12MB 3.4 4.5 na na UHD 730 60W 89W €154
i3-13100F 4 0 5MB 12MB 3.4 4.5 na na na 58W 89W €125

Existing processors in italics

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