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Instagram gets tool to show how much time users spend in app

Instagram gets a built-in tool to show how much time users spend within the app of the social network. The Facebook daughter wants to make users more aware of online spending online.

Instagram director Kevin Systrom says that the tools should contribute to the solution for understanding where people time to spend online. He stresses that everyone should find Instagram every minute, which means that he probably means people should not feel enslaved to the social network.
Google recently announced new features for Android P with about the same scope. Dashboard allows users to monitor how long they are in which app, after which they can set timers for using that app.
Systrom announces the functions after TechCrunch uses code from the apk file of the app. Android version of the app had derived that the option was coming. There will also be an emoji bar to quickly respond with an emoji to a photo.
It is unknown when the new features will appear in Instagram. The social network recently also announced that it would monitor responses to remove negative reactions from trolls via algorithms.


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