‘Innolux builds factory to make screens exclusively for Apple’

The Taiwanese screen manufacturer Innolux will set up a factory in the coming years that will make displays for just one customer. Although the company does not say which customer it is, it appears that it is Apple.

Apple has often invested money in the possibility of building facilities that only Apple purchases products from, to ensure that orders for other companies do not cause shortages, writes financial news agency Bloomberg.

Foxconn, which has a stake in Innolux, confirms the construction of a factory for just one customer. The factory will be located at a ‘Science Park’ in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. 2300 people will be working in the factory. It is unknown for which Apple products the factory will produce the screens, but it is obvious that these are at least iPhones: Apple sells the most of these. Apple has so far sourced its screens from multiple suppliers.