‘Nearly half of the world’s population will be online in 2018’

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Nearly half of the world’s population will be online at least once a month in 2018. That estimates research agency eMarketer. Now four out of ten people are online. The growth in the number of people who use the internet for the first time will increase less rapidly in the coming years than in the past.

According to eMarketer estimates, the number of people who come online once a month is now about 2.9 billion. According to the research agency, that will grow by about 6 percent per year in the coming years. This means that the increase will be less rapid than in previous years.

The research firm does not state how many of those people are online via mobile connections, but that is probably an increasing proportion: in large parts of the world where people are not yet online, there are no fixed internet connections. With mobile networks and via initiatives such as Google’s Loon project, that number should increase. eMarketer’s estimates are an aggregation of other measurements and estimates, saying it takes into account both national and global trends.

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