Infinity Ward brings together CoD players suspected of cheating

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Developer Infinity Ward has announced new measures against cheaters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale component Warzone. Players suspected of cheating through cheats are linked together and thus effectively placed in a separate lobby.

Infinity Ward reports Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone multiplayer matchmaking system will receive an update this week to match suspicious players. That essentially means introducing rounds that only have cheaters, or at least players who are suspected of doing so.

The developer does not say how it will prevent reported players who do not use cheats from ending up in these separate queues. There exist to care about, because the difference between a player with cheats and a high-performing player is not always clear.

The game’s creator goes on to say that it has put more money into backend technology and teams to maintain integrity. Also, players who have reported another player will now receive confirmation if a ban is actually issued. Also, a killcam and spectator mode feature to report players is coming soon.

In particular, the battle royale section Warzone is notorious for the presence of cheaters. This mainly refers to PC players, which means that console players often disable the crossplay option to prevent them from ending up in rounds with PC players. At the beginning of this month, Infinity Ward announced that it has banned more than 50,000 players and by the middle of this month, according to the developer, that number had already fallen. above 70,000.

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