Images of Sucker Punch’s never-announced game appear online

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A video came out online of a game from developer Sucker Punch that was never released. The images of the game, called Prophecy, show a man who has to escape from a city through stealth and sword fighting.

It concerns more than eleven minutes of previously unseen images, which are now on various websites. The game shows a man named Abel Tvorah trying to get out of a dark, medieval-looking port city. In doing so, he gets to grips with guards and must try to escape with a combination of stealth and sword fights. The game takes place in a third person perspective.

The original file had the filename vertcle_slice_v46f_0115, which, according to users of the ResetEra forum, points to a vertical slice, a demo that can be shown to studios. Readers of that forum say the video footage originally came from the website of Max Chapman, who is in charge of character design at Sucker Punch. In addition to the video, renders of characters would also have appeared.

It is not known what the ultimate purpose of the demo images is. It may be a game that the developer built before starting the hit Ghost of Tsushima, but neither Sony nor Sucker Punch has already commented on the leak.

SuckerPunch_game 1

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