Image may show Google Pixelbook tablet with interchangeable keyboard

A render of what might be a new Pixelbook from Google has appeared. It is a 2-in-1 device with tablet and separate keyboard part. At the top of the screen is a recess for presumably the fingerprint scanner.

The images are found by AboutChromebooks who thinks that this is the Pixelbook that would be known internally at Google as the Nocturne. The company can reveal the new tablet on October 9; on that day Google holds an event .

The render has a USB port and the tablet seems to have speakers on both sides of the screen. In addition, a notch can be seen on the edge of the screen. AboutChromebooks refers to an image found in Chrome OS, about scanning fingerprints at exactly that spot. Specifications are not known, but if it really concerns Nocturne, the tablet could have a resolution of 3000 × 2000 pixels. That resolution is apparent from Chrome OS code .

The last year announced Pixelbook was a convertible with flip keyboard. This year it seems to be a tablet for which third parties can make keyboards. The images show keyboards from the manufacturer Brydge, which also makes keyboards for the iPad. This concerns both the keyboard that can be snapped at the tablet and loose, wireless keyboards.

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