Employee RuneScape developer stole money from players

An ex-employee of Jagex, developer and publisher of RuneScape, penetrated several Old School RuneScape accounts and transferred in-game money. The value of the stolen money may be in the thousands of dollars.

Jagex posted a message on his website to inform players of the situation. This shows that the employee misused his position as a moderator within the RuneScape community and was dismissed for that reason. During routine checks, the team saw that unusual activities had taken place, “with a small number of accounts,” including the return of money and items in the game. The ex-employee appeared to be responsible for this.

According to Jagex, the police were called in and there is currently an investigation into his practices. The developer can not provide further details, pending the investigation. According to PC Gamer the ex-employee may have stolen more than 100 billion coins in total. The actual value of this is more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Redditor and player mazrim_lo l claims that the ex-moderator captured 45 billion coins from him two months ago, with a value of fifty thousand dollars. Mazrim_lol had already called the bell, but was not believed by other players and Jagex had not yet responded to his report. When the ex-employee investigation was completed, the player received the stolen amount from the developer.

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