Ikea wants to offer ergonomic chairs for gamers

IKEA has shown a prototype of the Ubik chair it is working on. The intention is for gamers to be able to scan their bodies in an IKEA office in the future so that the company can make ergonomic and comfortable parts to suit.

The Ubik chair consists of a base on which a seat and handrail part is placed. can become. Those separate parts can be personalized. To do this, the customer must undergo a body scan at an IKEA location and store this 3D scan on their smartphone. The chair can then be ordered and IKEA will 3D-print the parts so that they can deliver them to the customer after two weeks.
IKEA announced to work on the Ubik concept during its IKEA Democratic Days. It works together with UNYQ from San Francisco. The Swedish furniture company focuses primarily on gamers, because they sit for a long time and benefit from egonomic chairs. “Gamers are an extreme use case, they are athletes and they compete with their brain and body,” said e-sportsman Tommy Ingemarsson, who attended the presentation. In time, the project can also be used for office staff.
IKEA also showed a prototype without a backrest. The final design should have this and the base should be comfortable even without personalized components, so that it can be used immediately.

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