Chat service Yahoo Messenger stops on 17 July

Oath, a part of Verizon that includes Yahoo, announced on July 17 to stop his chat service Yahoo Messenger. There is no immediate replacement for the service, which was available since 1998.

In the announcement the company writes that ‘the communication landscape has changed’ and that therefore it stops the service. The popularity of alternative services may play a role, such as Facebook’s chat apps. There is no immediate substitute, although Yahoo points to the existence of a beta app called Squirrel, for which users can request an invitation. People who use Yahoo Messenger can download their chat history in the next six months, which they will then receive in an e-mail.
The first variant of Yahoo Messenger came at the end of the nineties from under the name Pager. In 2015 there was a new version of the chat service, with clients for iOS, Android and a web client. The old version of Messenger then stopped in 2016; there was no support for several original desktop clients at that time. Oath, which also includes AOL, ended the AIM chat service last year . This was available for twenty years.
Verizon founded Oath in 2017. Both AOL and Yahoo are covered by this company, after Verizon acquired the companies in 2015 and 2017 respectively. The remaining part of Yahoo continued as Altaba .