Ikea and Sonos will release speakers together from next year

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Furniture store Ikea and hardware maker Sonos are going to release WiFi speakers together. The first model in the Symfonisk line should be released after the summer of next year. It is unknown what exactly the speaker will look like.

It concerns a collaboration over a number of years, Ikea reports. The speakers will be integrated with products from both Sonos and Ikea. The Symfonisk speakers will work with all other Sonos products. In addition, users can install them under a Metod cabinet from the Swedish furniture maker and you can hang the speakers on the wall as a shelf with an installation package. They will also be able to work with lights, dimmers and switches from the Trådfri series.

It is unclear how much the speakers will cost. The Verge reports that it will be less than the $150 Sonos is now charging for its cheapest products. Ikea and Sonos have shown a prototype, but it is unknown if the final model will look like this. Ikea and Sonos announced their collaboration earlier, but did not provide details about concrete products at the time.

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