HVR Software – Change Data Capture – Enterprise Data Integration Software

HVR Software is the only solution that provides all relevant real-time data integration capabilities in a single unified environment. HVR Software enables you to perform real-time replication and reliable, high-volume data synchronization between databases and file systems.

With HVR Software, you can move your data between the most commonly used relational databases, file systems, data-warehouses, data lakes, cloud systems, and more.

HVR Software Change Data Capture (CDC) replicates data changes in real-time. Just like its name, CDC identifies changes and can then synchronize incremental changes with another system or store an audit trail of changes.

CDC comes in multiple flavours, including trigger-based and log-based. HVR Software gives you the option to use both types.  However, log-based CDC is superior since it can be applied to all possible scenarios including systems with extremely high transaction volumes. HVR Software product includes log-based CDC for all supported relational database sources.

HVR software offers a comprehensive GUI that simplifies the setup of real-time data integration by taking care of all steps necessary to perform CDC including the setup of supplemental logging as needed.