HTC suffers loss due to competition in the smartphone market

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HTC has suffered a loss in the last months of 2017 of currently approximately 266 million euros. This means that the loss amounts to sixty percent of the total turnover over the same period.

HTC attributes the major loss to the fierce competition in the smartphone market, the mix of products it offers and the price of those products. During the aforementioned period, the manufacturer released the VR headset Vive Focus in China. In the Benelux, the smartphones U11+ and U11 Life from the manufacturer were released.

It is unclear how many smartphones HTC has delivered. The manufacturer has not published exact figures about deliveries of its smartphones for years. With a turnover of 15.7 billion Taiwanese dollars, which is currently approximately 436 million euros, it can be calculated that this will be a few million copies at most. Because HTC also earns money with the sale of VR headsets, it is probably about a million units.

The numbers will look a lot better this quarter. In January, the deal was concluded whereby Google will take over half of HTC’s R&D staff and pay $1.1 billion. On the one hand, HTC will receive money, on the other hand, personnel costs will be significantly lower from January.

HTC U11+

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