HTC promised fans goodies in exchange for refuting criticisms in reviews

Smartphone maker HTC has promised fans goodies on its own Elevate forum if they refute criticisms in responses to reviews. In response to criticism of the call, the manufacturer has changed the wording.

In the original call, HTC asked to “combat some of the negative things being said about the U11,” Reddit user ShadowCodeGaming reports. The new appeal by HTC CEO Jeff Gordon on Twitter reads: “Help us counter some of the negative things being said about the U11.” This now includes the request to be positive and respectful in responses.

Users of the Elevate forum, where HTC gathers fans, should post logs of comments under reviews combating negatives such as the changed design or lack of a 3.5mm jack. Where HTC first promised to send goodies in exchange for those responses, that no longer happens.

HTC is not the only one with such a promotion. Samsung was fined in Taiwan in 2013 for faking online comments. Although the Taiwanese government agency that issued the fine did not name names, it appears that HTC was one of the victims at the time.