To connect and use multiple OneDrive accounts in Windows 10, here are 3 free software.

Manageyum Software on Windows 10

Manageyum is one of multiple OneDrive account running simple solutions. On its interface is reserved one tab for a single OneDrive account, making it very easy to access and use separate OneDrive accounts. A unique OneDrive account can be assigned any name and that name is shown on that account’s page. There will therefore be no ambiguity as to which tab is associated with which account. Apart from that, this software also lets you connect Evernote, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Outlook, ProductHunt, and other services.

Rambox Software

Rambox is a lightweight and Manageyum computer-like software. This software’s free plan allows you to use over 99 features on its interface. Allo, Flock, Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Reddit, Skype, OneDrive, and other services are supported. Like Manageyum, it also reserves a separate tab for each OneDrive account.


Firework is another useful option to connect and use multiple OneDrive accounts in Windows 10. Like Manageyum and Rambox, it also works. This lets you open multiple OneDrive accounts in separate windows instead of tabs and you need to add other OneDrive accounts (except the main account) as the separate profiles.