How to Enable file compression on Windows 11

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Enabling file compression in Windows 11 is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open the file explorer on your PC and navigate to the folder you want to compress.

2. Right click on the folder and select Properties.

3. Switch to the General tab and click the Advanced choice.

4. Check the option: Compress content to save disk space† When you are done, click on the OK.

5. Select Apply changes only to this folder option on the next prompt and click OK.

Compress Drive with NTFS on Windows 11

1. Open the file explorer on your PC. Then right-click on the drive where you want to enable NTFS compression and select Properties†

2. In Properties, check the option: “Compress this disk to save disk space”†

3. Click the Apply.

4. In the next popup select Apply changes to this drive only and click on OK.

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