Most pop-up ads on Android are shown by the culprit apps that use Android software permissions. There is a special app access permission called “View via other apps,” which use apps that allow you to display pop-up ads on Android. You can block those ads by turning off this permission.

Block pop-up ads

To do this, go to the settings on your Android device and use the search function to find this permission. If you use an older version of Android that does not have a search option. you can manually navigate to these permission settings. In the main settings interface, tap Apps and notifications and scroll to the end. Find and tap the Special app access And search for View via other apps” choice.

In the Show about other apps section, search for unusual apps and check whether those apps are allowed or not. There is no shortcut, you must identify the potential app that uses this permission to display pop-up ads. A simple solution is to disable this permission for all apps and allow the permissions for the apps that you trust.

Block intrusive ads on Chrome

Apart from the apps, you may also see advertisements from websites. To get rid of those apps, open the Google Chrome app and go to the settings. Scroll down to the settings and tap the “Site Settings”. Under “Site Settings”, tap and block the following options:

  • Pop-ups and redirects
  • ads