Hoverboards are cool, until you make damage …

Hoverboards are perhaps the new inline skating. Also airwheels and electric skateboards you see more and more tear through the streets. Be careful with such a thing, because damage is often not covered by the insurance. This is shown by an investigation by Independer.

Damage caused by hoverboards

Almost a third of insurers do not offer liability coverage for hoverboards. Other insurers are slightly milder, but still impose requirements that the board and driver must meet to be insured. ABN Amro covers the liability, as long as you have not driven faster than 16 kilometers per hour with your hoverboard. Reaal covers the damage up to a speed of six kilometers per hour. This insurer imposes another requirement: the damage is only covered on its own property, not on public roads.


There are also insurers who depend on the age of the driver. In this way, ZLM will only cover the damage if it is made by a child. They see a hoverboard in that case as children’s toys.

It is not unreasonable that many insurers do not reimburse anything or impose strict requirements to qualify for cover. Driving on public roads with a motorized vehicle without a steering wheel is already prohibited at all. Nevertheless, the sales of hoverboards are growing considerably. According to Bol.com, this year 137% hoverboards were sold more than in the same period last year.

So pay attention, because in addition to the damage that you may have to pay yourself if you make it, fines for driving on public roads are between 180 and 360 euros. For that amount you can buy a second hoverboard!