5 tips: how to make chatbots and AI part of your marketing strategy

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Artificial intelligence is indispensable from the online world. For example, the use of chatbots is a huge opportunity for B2C companies with customer service. Just a little more than 85 percent of the online interactions take place between people and robots. And chatbots are already almost as good as human interactions. But there are more ways in which artificial intelligence can positively influence an online marketing strategy. How do you use chatbots and artificial intelligence, and how do you make them a successful part of your marketing strategy? These five tips will help you.

1. Start today

If you are not busy with artificial intelligence and chat bots for your company, then it is good to realize that your competitor is probably already doing that. Experts predict that by 2020 – and that is almost the case – most online interactions will be between humans and robots. That is why it is important to start now and for this reason: chat bots can develop, they can make themselves smarter on the basis of AI. The more messages the bot has to process, the better it will perform. When you invest in self-learning, you have enough time to test and will pay in a few years.

2. Personal and relevant messages

The more personal and relevant the messages are, the more successful the interactions with your customers will be. On the basis of all kinds of data, it is possible to predict where customers’ preferences lie. Spotify uses it, for example, and provides suggestions and recommended playlists based on the music you listen to. As a marketer you can use these predictive analyzes to lead customers to a specific product or a specific service. As long as you make it simple and personal to solve a ‘problem’, you are on the right track.

3. Give the bot a name and a face

Keep in mind that customers may not be so charmed by communicating with a robot. How you get a bit more appreciation for this form of customer service is by giving the bot a name and a face. Interactions with a chatbot with a name or face are valued higher than the bots who do not. Without you realizing it, you have a certain character in your head about these kinds of interactions. Just think of Siri or Bixby: unconsciously this has become a certain character and that is in fact only because they have a name.

4. Set a welcome message

One of the main reasons for consumers to follow companies on Twitter is to communicate with customer service. And they also expect a quick response. To make this communication better, it is good to set a welcome message. This way the customer knows that he can find answers to questions here, without having to take the first step himself.

5. Please also use AI for the fun

If you want AI to be a successful part of your marketing strategy, put this tool in for fun.

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