HoloLens 2 gets full Teams integration

Microsoft brings a full Teams integration to the HoloLens 2. Video calls via Teams were already possible, but users can now also get started with other collaboration features, such as OneDrive.

The update makes it possible to show holographic windows in Teams containing calls, chats and calendars. Users can open Word documents, videos, and other files shared in a Teams meeting. The update also adds a OneDrive integration. Users can also access the folders and files in the cloud service via the headset.

In addition, Microsoft is merging its two Dynamics 365 mixed reality apps into one app. It’s about the Dynamics 365 Guides app that provides step-by-step holographic instructions for the workplace and the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist app which allows remote users to share a real-time view. For example, an expert can provide remote assistance to solve a particular problem.

Image: Microsoft