Hobbyist builds flying TIE Interceptor

The Frenchman who recently converted a quadcopter into the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars saga is back. This time the hobbyist chose the ‘dark side’: he recreated the TIE Interceptor, a spaceship of the dictatorial Galactic Empire.

The Frenchman, who is known on the internet by his nick Olivier C, spent about fifteen hours recreating the spaceship. He spent that time, among other things, designing the spaceship with AutoCAD and then cutting the necessary figures from Styrofoam, as he showed on Imgur.

The basis of the ‘spaceship’ is its own quadcopter, which Olivier C made lighter by removing peripheral issues such as GPS. The drone itself weighs 810 grams, while the styrofoam adds another 400 grams. But that doesn’t make the flying machine any less impressive, according to images.

The TIE Interceptor is the second Star Wars model that the Frenchman manufactured. Previously, he came up with the Millennium Falcon, the starship of Star Wars character Han Solo. In the meantime, he is already working hard on a new model, of which Olivier C already showed the first images online via Reddit.