Software update: MediaMonkey 4.1.6 build 1736

Ventis Media has released version 4.1.6 of MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is a media player with an extensive list possibilities† For example, it can play the most common audio files, can rip audio CDs to ogg, mp3, flac and wma, and tags can be edited or automatically picked from the internet. Furthermore, the program does not shy away from a collection of more than 50,000 files and can be synchronized with a portable music player.

The program is available in a free standard version and in a Gold version that costs just over 20 euros, which includes some extra options including faster CD burning. No release notes are included, but in the bug tracker the following tickets are closed:

All changes/fixes in feature/bug tracker

  • 0012063 Get Info/Buy: Providers do not have correct Icons
  • 0012609 Wi-Fi sync: terminates prior to completion
  • 0012383 d_USBMass1.dll: is outdated
  • 0012623 First section in MediaMonkey.ini is duplicated by installer
  • 0012381 Multi-select allows editing in Properties for iOS device
  • 0012482 Publisher node can be renamed in Media Tree
  • 0012264 Extensions: Find Updates improvements
  • 0012571 Playlists are not synced to devices without drive letter (regression in build 1728)
  • 0010734 Ctr+Alt+Del is not disabled in Party mode (Windows 7+)
  • 0012563 UPnP Search returns partial results
  • 0012440 No feedback to user that temp drive has insufficient free space
  • 0012533 Track skips on seek when playing to Denon X 4000
  • 0012545 iTunes 12.1 update on 64-bit OS results in Apple device no longer being recognized
  • 0012546 Podcast download crashes MediaMonkey
  • 0012572 MP3Tags: Incorrect Tags crashes MMW
  • 0012531 Omit drive letter from playlists on sync
  • 0012530 Keep PC awake during USB sync
  • 0012512 Update year to 2015
  • 0012471 Issue with SDB.Device.HandledDeviceList
  • 0012459 Locate Moved/Missing: Full filename and path larger than 260 chars can result in MMW crash
  • 0012505 WEB tree Node: eMusic Offer link has expired
  • 0012513 DLNA: Local access from same PC should be automatically granted
  • 0012518 M4P: Optimize Detection of DRM protected tracks
  • 0012509 Sync of Playlist with stream URLs has sync fail
  • 0012502 MediaMonkey crashes when Wifi sync contains unreachable CDA track
  • 0012506 WEB tree Node: number of incorrect downloads
  • 0012504 MP4 Tagging: MMW correctly Saves Tags but on Re-add to library misses Episode Number
  • 0012435 Editing old Auto-Playlists (created by MM 2.5) can throw an exception
  • 0011833 Adjust default supported video profiles for iPhone 5
  • 0009963 MediaMonkey (client) doesn’t see ReplayGain tags over DLNA/UPnP
  • 0012437 Synchronization of video files fails in some cases (regression)
  • 0012433 ID3: In case that one of tags are too long MMW gets unresponsive
  • 0012385 Auto-conversion fails for OGGs in some cases
  • 0012340 Optimize USB sync with Androids
  • 0012411 Playlist analyze and changes update takes too long
  • 0012361 Sync Apple devices: Delete all content do not work
  • 0012366 MediaMonkey doesn’t see changed IP on known UPnP client
  • 0012396 iPhone content not read when iTunesCDB is larger than 4194304 bytes
  • 0012286 Codec pack is indicated as installed, even after installation error.
  • 0012205 Two distinct SD cards are recognized as same device profile
  • 0012365 Unexpected “The operation has been completed successfully” error message
  • 0011485 Sync: Various Regressions USB Sync
  • 0012347 USB Sync to external SD Card fails to update database (regression)

Version number 4.1.6 build 1736
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Ventis Media
File size


License type Freeware/Paid