USB organization announces USB 4 Version 2.0 with maximum speed of 80Gbit/s

The USB Implementers Forum has announced USB 4 Version 2.0. This new USB specification has twice the maximum speed, with 80Gbit/s. The organization says that USB 4 Version 1.0 cables will also support 80Gbit/s.

USB 4 Version 2.0 works with the Type C cables and has a new physical layer architecture. Although the specification has been physically modified, the USB Promoter Group says that existing passive USB 4 Type C cables will also support the 80Gbit/s. A USB-IF spokesperson confirms this to The Verge. The spokesperson does not say how this works technically, but only that the Forum saw this compatibility as a requirement.

The Forum is not yet publishing a specification of the new USB 4 Version 2.0 standard. The organization says it will do this for the USB DevDays developer event in November. The new specification should not only provide faster USB 4, but should also allow USB 3.2 cables to transfer more than the current 20Gbit/s of data. The Forum has updated the USB data architecture for this. It is not clear how many Gbit/s USB 3.2 will soon be able to share.

The USB 4 Version 2.0 standard also includes the latest versions of the DisplayPort and PCIe specifications. The current USB 4 specification supports up to DisplayPort 1.4a. The increased bandwidth should therefore not only provide faster data transfers, but also provide benefits for displays, the Forum says. It is unknown when USB 4 Version 2.0 will be available.