GTA IV Patch Brings Back Music That Was Removed Due To Expiration

Rockstar has released a patch for Grand Theft Auto IV that brings back songs that were removed over a year ago. Rockstar itself has not disclosed anything about it, but that was noted by users.

On Gtaforums, users report that they got a GTA IV update and now hear music that was previously removed again. This mainly concerns music on the radio station Vladivostok FM, from which all music had been removed and replaced by other songs.

It is not clear whether Rockstar has renewed the licenses on the music, because the developer does not make any statements about this. Users speculate that it could also be an error. It’s notable that the music is coming back as Rockstar replaced it with other songs last year.

GTA IV first came out on April 29, 2008. The game was nearly ten years old when the music was removed from the game. It therefore seemed likely that there was a ten-year license for the music and that it had expired. Last year, users made a list of all the music that had been removed.