Group of international consumer associations wants advertising monitoring to end

A group of international consumer associations is asking European and American politicians to stop monitoring individuals for advertising purposes. Led by the Norwegian Consumer Association, they are asking for alternative forms to be made common.

According to Forbrukerrådet and dozens of other affiliated organizations, including the European umbrella organization BEUC, ‘excessive commercial monitoring of individuals leads to potential manipulation, fraud, discrimination and violations of privacy’. The Norwegian Consumers’ Association refers to a study that should show that the advertising model based on monitoring, systematic manipulation and discrimination, increases disinformation and fraud.

“We recognize that advertising is an important source of income for content creators and publishers. However, this does not approve of individuals being massively monitored so that they see the ‘correct’ ad. There are other forms of advertising where people are not followed,” it sounds in the open letter from the organizations asking to change the legislation. The authors of the letter refer to the emerging Digital Services Act in Europe and the formation of a new law in the United States to restrict consumer monitoring for advertising purposes.