Google will stop using App Maker in 2021

Google will stop using the App Maker service in 2021. It was available to business G Suite customers. The functionality will be phased out in the course of the current year. In January next year, applications will no longer work.

Google writes that the service is not used enough. The app has been out of active development since Tuesday. App Maker was a way for business users to create simple applications and automations through standard templates and a drag and drop interface. The apps worked together with Google services such as Gmail and Calendar. As of April 15 of this year, users will no longer be able to build new apps in App Maker. However, they can still edit and deploy existing apps. From January 19, 2021, existing apps will no longer work. Data from the apps that is stored in Cloud SQL will still remain.

Google says it’s not possible to migrate apps to another platform “due to the specific source code used in App Maker.” The company therefore recommends a number of other development applications for specific cases. These are, for example, Google Forms for collecting data, App Engine for building apps, and AppSheet for automating processes.