Google will stop business Google+ successor Currents in July

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Google is shutting down its business social network Currents on July 5. The functionality has been incorporated into its business Spaces service. Administrators can download the data until August 8. Currents was the business successor to Google+.

After August 8, the data is gone, says Google. With Currents, the last trace of Google+, the failed social network of the search giant that came out in 2011, disappears. With Google+, the company wanted to compete with Facebook, among others.

Most of Currents’ functionality now resides in Spaces, its enterprise employee communications service. It’s unknown how many users Currents has had and how many of those are left today. Google had announced the imminent end of Currents in February last year.

Google Currents was unveiled in 2019 at the then Google Next event. Currents had a similar interface to Google+ and was aimed at the business market. In Google Currents, just like in Google+, communities could be created in which content could be shared. In Currents, however, posts could be sorted by relevance or reverse chronology. Entries from important figures, such as a director, could be pinned to the top. Google permanently discontinued Google+ for consumers at the end of 2018 after the company discovered a privacy bug. The company then stated that the Google+ APIs were “difficult to develop and maintain.”

Google Currents

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